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Legal Avoidance Training

Every year casino resorts spend millions of dollars on litigation and settlements that are totally avoidable.  Over-zealous employees over step their boundaries and engage in activities that they do not understand and more importantly do not understand the financial consequences of.  Often time it’s because when they attain even minor amount of authority they become reckless and believe they are untouchable.  Our legal consultants have made millions of dollars because of these misconceptions.

These costly errors are often considered the cost of doing business, but it is bad business to willingly concede millions of dollars when it is so easily avoidable.

Alea's legal avoidance consultants are the very best in the business.  They are highly experienced and court tested. We provide general advice on setting up protocols that will greatly reduce the risk of litigation and subsequent loss of dollars that directly results from actions taken by ill informed and over reaching employees.