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Nicholas G. Colon

Nicholas is the Managing Director of the Alea Consulting Group and is an 18 year veteran of the casino industry.  He  has been involved in all aspects of gaming, from advantage player/manager with the infamous M.I.T Blackjack teams, to a consultant to the “house” in the capacity of gaming mathematician and data scientist. Nicholas has been a visiting lecturer at DUKE, Clemson, and Michigan State Universities. He’s also a published author in the game-theory arena, with an emphasis on economic applications, and is a contributor to dozens casino gaming and financial sites and publications, including Las Vegas Advisor, Gambling with an Edge , Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazines.

Nicholas holds post graduate degrees in Physics, Business Administration and Medicine.  He has developed two of the 5 math models for current slot machines and has solved math problems that were thought to unsolvable by current methods for the casino gaming industry. His unique and alternative way of approaching problems has led him to become an elite mathematician and problems solver for the casino industry.