Poker Room Cheating Detection

Whether a casino wants to believe it or not, collusion between player and dealer, player-player and player dealer and floor men do exist.  This is generally overlooked because the “houses” money is not perceived to be at stake here. However, this accepted behavior does have a serious adverse effect on the overall rake of a poker room.  In general casual players want to be close to professional well known players and the inevitable celebrity that want to gamble at the poker tables.  However the experienced and professional players that have studied the game at a high level are well aware of this nefarious behavior that takes place at most high level poker games in Las Vegas and around the world.  And because of this awareness they avoid most public games.  This eliminates celebrities that will show up at a poker room and reduce the general “cool factor” that a casino radiates.

Our poker experts are familiar with almost all types of cheating and collusion techniques that are out there. Alea’s goal is detect and eliminate the disreputable actions by dealers, floor men and other confederates, creating a clean game, free of skewed outcomes.  From this professional players and celebrities will emerge, and bring with them additional players, and a positive reputation of fair play.